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Zinc Tablet (for Adults)

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    Zinc is a trace element involved in hundreds of chemical reactions in human body, which is important for immune function, acid-base balance

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    1000 mg x 60 tablets Health Foods Product

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    Zinc is a trace element involved in hundreds of chemical reactions in the human body, which is important for immune function, acid-base balance, digestion, growth and development, skin and hair health, genetic transcription, antioxidant activity and much more. In the adult, zinc deficiency may lead to mental depression, impotence, poor wound healing, and acne. In advancing age, it could manifest itself in a decline in immunity combined with increased inflammation.

Zinc Tablets For Adults Price In Pakistan

Normally, zinc deficiency is due to insufficient dietary intake. However, it may also be due to malabsorption and chronic illnesses such as diabetes malignancy (cancer ), liver disease, and sickle cell disease. Zinc deficiency makes both men and women infertile and causes low libido. Low zinc also exacerbates the effects of stress on the body and accelerates aging. Zinc deficiency signs include:

  • loss of appetite
  • anemia
  • slow wound healing
  • skin conditions such as acne or eczema
  • abnormal taste and smell
  • depressed growth
  • altered cognition
  • depression (more research needed)
  • diarrhea
  • hair loss

Work Function of Zinc Tablets

The body needs zinc for normal growth and health. For patients who are unable to get enough zinc in their regular diet or who have a need for more zinc, zinc supplements may be necessary. They are generally taken by mouth but some patients may have to receive them by injection. Essentially for optimal physical performance and energy levels, for protein synthesis and proper functions of red and white blood cells participate in synthesize of more than 200 metalloprotease and nucleic acid, enhance immunity and accelerates wound healing and supports reproductive system of men and women and helps with infertility.

Common causes of ED include:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • lack of exercise
  • high blood suger
  • high cholesterol
  • smoking
  • drug or alcohol use
  • obesity or metabolic syndrome
  • nerve damage
  • spinal cord injury
  • sexual performance anxiety
  • stress
  • relationship, family, or workplace conflict
  • depression
  • medications
In more recent years, zinc deficiency has also been linked to ED.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Zinc Tablets.

  • Fights Diabetes
  • Prevents Diarrhea
  • Increases Fertility
  • Increases Immunity and Fights Colds
  • Acts as a Powerful Antioxidant that May Help Fight Cancer
  • Maintains Heart Health by Supporting Blood Vessels
  • Supports Liver Health
  • Aids in Nutrient Absorption and Digestion
  • Helps with Muscle Groth and Repair
  • Best for increase sexual Desires

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