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Eye Power Soft Gel

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  • Brief

    Relieves eyestrain, improves eyesight with its antioxidant properties

  • Size

    800 mg x 60 capsules

  • Key Knowledge

    Green World I-Power Capsule contains a combination of antioxidants including blueberry anthocyanins, ginkgo extract, grape seed extract and lutein, which prevent the damage in retina caused by free radical attack. It improves eyesight, relieves eyestrain and prevents age-related macular degeneration.

Eye Power Softgel in Pakistan

Green World I-Power Softgel is constituted by natural ingredients with powerful anti-oxidation property. Green World I Protector Capsule is made up of natural herbal plant materials. It is also a rich in several vital minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins fundamental for the eye. It was produced with high technology. I Power Capsule protect different parts of the eye against damage by free radicals. Blueberry Extracts can improve the circulation of retina and permote eyesight. Lutein is a main kind of Carotenoids necessary for the eye. Vitamin A is involved in the vision process and supports the eyes by changing from dark to bright as an integral substance of the purport. The vitamins C and E helps to protect the eye from the harmful effects of the sunlight. As important components of the cellular protection system, they are very necessary for the preservation and the functionality of the lens. Zinc regulates the activity of more than 200 enzymes which are involved in nearly all cellular processes. As an integral part of enzymes zinc is involved e.g. in the utilization of vitamin A in the vision process. Lutein and zeaxanthin are secondary plant compounds that belong to the group of Arytenoids Food. If nutritional intake is adequate, lutein can support the eye and vision function.

Why is Important I power Softgel Capsule ?

Our eyes are challenged every day. Working at the computer, watching television and driving by night are very exhausting for the eyes. Dry air, little sleep, alcohol and smoking also interfere with the metabolism of the eyes. Several factors influence eyes health and maintenance of vision. Among these, a good supply with certain nutrients plays an important role

Work Functions of I-Power Softgel

Eye Strain /Strain Is a group of symptoms which are related to the use of the eyes, it is a symptom, not an eye disease? it occurs when your eyes gets tired from intense use of eyes for extended periods ( e.g), driving a car for extended periods, reading, working at a computer for prolonged periods. Degenerative Eye Disease: A degenerative eye disease is a collective term for a disease that affects the various part of the eye, including retina, cornea, iris and macula. The common prognosis is a progressive loss of central vision. Diabetic patients are at risk for developing retinopathy, which is characterized by seeing floaters, compromised near-sighted vision and double vision. This degenerative condition is the result of damaged to the blood vessels of the retina, which is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. Glaucorma: Glaucoma is caused by a dangerous increase of internal eye pressure, which results in damage to the optic nerve. Primary open-angle glaucoma is associated with gradually loss of peripheral vision in the both eyes and tunnel vision. The symptoms of acute angle-closure glaucoma are sudden occurrence of blurry vision, seeing halos around lights, nausea, and vomiting and intense eye pain. Macular Degeneration: Macular degeneration is the degeneration of the macular, which is part the retina. Symptoms are increased difficult adapting to low light settings, a need for increasingly bright light for activities requiring near-sighted vision and a gradually increase in a blurry overall vision.

Health Benefits of Greenwood I-Power Softgel Capsule:

Green World I-Power Softgel can eliminate the eye strain and enhance eye power .Blueberry Extract can improve the circulation of retina and improve eyesight.Green World eye power prevent cataract and protect the De-naturalization of macular retina prevent cataract. Lutein is a main kind of arytenoids necessary for the eye. Vitamin A is the raw material for composing rhodopsin, a sensitive substance that exists in retina. Lack of Vitamin A is incapable to compose sufficient rhodopsin which leads to nyctalopia (night blindness). . It protects various parts of the eye against damage by free radicals. Green World Eye protector softgel protect the denaturalization of yellow spot appearing with the ages, It is effective on renovating the cornea; it can prevent night blindness (nyctalopia).

Suitable For:

  • People who use eyes intensively for prolonged periods such as reading, driving or computer working.
  • Sailors who intend to prevent degenerative eye problems including retinopathy, glaucoma macular degeneration.

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